June 4, 2006

Well the weekend has wrapped up.. I'd say all in all it was a great time.
Yesterday was a bit windy with the sun showing up off and on throughout the day.. the rain held off though.

Today was a great time with the group. Lots of inside jokes..
"Music to my eye corns"
me almost falling on my butt.. big things in small places(LMAO)...
If any of you want to add to that.. feel free..

It was lots of fun and we hope to have MORE..(do yo hear me people?!) show up next year.

oh..and Mike K.... "why isn't she driving?" lol


BTW.. it has been brought to my attention that the "join now" isn't working.. my e-mail is stangchic@comcast.net and if anyone has any questions or wishes to join the chapter, shoot me an e-mail and I'll be in touch with you!!