November 29, 2007

The cost is 20 bucks for car and driver spectators are 10 bucks. The car must be street legal. You can bring a car in on a trailer but you must have mufflers. The gate opens at 7 am but they limit the number of cars to 400 and they fill up early. The things they look for on a fairly stock car : is battery secure, overflow can for the radiator (closed systems don't need one)
Things they will look for are:
1. a Helmet if you are faster than 13.99
2. Roll bars, safety net, etc if you are 11.49 or faster or a vert faster than 13.99
3. catch can
4. lug nuts on all lugs

They were letting cars run with slicks however if you have slicks you need a driveshaft loop and they will look a lot closer at your car.

Insider tip: it will take most of the day to get 2 runs in but many people left after two runs (about 3pm). so the 3rd run and a possible 4th run can be made if you wait. There are no lights so everything stops when it gets dark.